Selfhood in the Urban Age

Certainly, we are living, historically, very peaceful times today as the world is becoming more democratic and urbanized. For the first time in human history, more than fifty percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Cities are the vital nexus of the global capitalism.

The current trend in political and social phenomena is toward fewer coups, mass violent protests, civil wars and more pogroms, terrorism and criminal violence.  

Over the past few decades, due to increasing interdependence between societies, the speed of information propagation, the diminishing constraints of time and space on communication and the simultaneous involvement of an incremental number of actors in the same operating theatre, we have witnessed also the globalization of everyday life and along with it a remarkable transformation of our philosophies-of-life.

This is a quest for a meaningful non-random life in the urban age. Dive right into my Blog for thoughts on all the above and more selfhood assorted blessings.  

The goal of the Abaddon, the Destroyer post series is to bring to light the camouflaged role of the devil in the profane world. The devil is neither dead nor dying: he’s changing.

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